Pricing to suit you



There is a set up fee of NZ $500 which includes transferring all required club information into our system.

There are no flat fees for any of our services. We charge a % of the visitor fee and a % of your member fee depending on the plan you choose.

Example 1: Club A chooses visitor 1 and pays 5% of the visitor fee and charges the visitor a 5% booking fee. Club A then boasts a visitor online booking website for no cost at all that will be available outside your member times.

Example 2: Club B with 150 members chooses Club 2. With an average membership fee of $400 Club B will pay $3600 a year (including GST) to access all the features and remove all the costly and time consuming tasks that are crucial to your clubs survivial.

All our fees include GST.

Take a look through our pricing plan or download a copy of our pricing sheet.

Visitor 1

5% of visitor fee
Visitor 2

7% of visitor fee
Club 1

5% of visitor and member fee
Club 2

6% of visitor and member fee
Mobile optimized visitor website Online bookings can be made quickly and easily on a pc, tablet, i pad or phone.
Secure payments collected, bookings displayed in real time Staff can check from anywhere that all visitors have paid. Payments are processed by
Set “deal prices” Increase visitor uptake with targeted discounts for quiet times
Support Online every day, phone Monday-Friday
All payments paid directly into your bank Cleared payments are deposited into your bank
Eliminate Accounting All visitor fees are exported by us into Xero or Quickbooks and coded and reconciled
Scorecard app from Oct 2019, set up fee applies A virtual scorecard for phones or tablets, removing printing and card scanning costs
Support Phone support Saturday & Sunday
Mobile optimized member website No fee for members bookings, and a personal webpage for members to manage bookings
Competition and event management Drag and drop competitions, where members can book online
Member management and communication We will send email renewals, questionnaires and surveys to all or some of your members
Membership payment collection You set the amounts and frequencies and we do the rest
Financial and member reports Every month we will provide you retention rates and detialied revenue reports with projections and historical comparisons
Member engagement summary Every month we will provide engagement statistics, and a list of members in danger of not renewing
Member engagement support and communication You need to engage with your infrequent playing members, and we can send them promotions to get them back into the club
Eliminate accounting All visitor and membership fees are exported by us into Xero or quickbooks and coded and reconciled
Point of sale By using Square point of sale, all sales can be exported into Xero or quickbooks. We provide advice & support for Square POS