How committed are your members?



The average member’s age has risen in the last 10 years from 47 to 62, so a large proportion of committed elderly members will soon leave your club. These members have usually played regularly, required no incentive to renew, and many have been with you for 15 years or more.

Your long term members are being replaced by infrequently playing new members who on average will leave your club within 3 years.

With this drastic change in your membership make up, you need to be able to engage and understand what this new type of customers wants. By doing so you can meet their needs with a subscription that appeals to them and provides the club with longer term members.

How often are your members playing?

By knowing how often members are playing you can engage with those in danger of not using their membership enough to justify renewing.

Do you ask all your members what they want?

Members who don’t play regularly are statistically much more likely to lapse. If you ask them why they’re not playing you may find there are some easy solutions to help improve member engagement and retention.

how book+play can help

We have a series of services designed to help you engage with and grow your membership.

Usage statistics

We will provide clear and concise statistics that will show exactly who isn’t using the facilities, so you can target your engagement.

Usage reports highlighting non playing statistics for September

Usage reports highlighting non playing statistics for September

Member engagement calendar

We will work with you to design an event programme that ensures you consider how best to engage with your members over the coming year.


Member engagement tools

We can target some or all of your members with specific campaigns or surveys.

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Member newsletter

We will send a quarterly newsletter to your members to ensure they are kept up-to-date with club events.


Online booking

By encouraging members to book online 24/7, you instantly improve engagement levels and remove the need for a bookings administrator.