Do you need online booking?



By allowing your members and visitors to book in advance online 24/7 you are meeting their needs, and not losing any visitor sales to your competitors.

There is no flat fee for this service and visitors can book, pay and play at the club in just a few steps using the kiosk or the website.

  • Around 90% of golfers use the internet regularly - the average casual golfer is 44 years old and wants to book online. Remove the need for an honesty box and lost revenue.

  • In most countries casual golf is growing: for example, New Zealand had 3.5 million casual rounds played in 2016.

  • All cancellations and refunds are managed by Book+Play.

All bookings are displayed in real time in the system, so it’s easy for an administrator or volunteer to ensure all visitors have correctly paid.

Online Tee bookinG IN 3 easy steps

Our web platform is available 24/7 and optimized for mobile phones ensuring a fast and easy process. By adding a simple "booking" link from your website, Google listing or Facebook page, your members and visitors will be taken seamlessly to your personalized booking page in our secure website.

Bookings are made in three easy steps with no registration required. Your personalized booking page will display all club events so you never need worry about double bookings. You can even target quiet times by setting deal rates for members, guests and visitors.


STEP 1 - choose a date and time

booking page tided wide shot.JPG

STEP 2 - choose MEMBER OR visitor type(s)

choose golfers booking page..JPG

STEP 3 - Submit the booking

payment page booking.JPG

Enter the visitor payment details and submit the booking... all done!

The customer and club receive an email confirmation and the booking is displayed immediately in the system.

All member bookings are free of all charges, so no payment is requested.