Scoring using card or app



Our orginal scorecard which is scanned at the end of a round is supported with our new system and we have added a digital scorecard in the form of an app which can help reduce or eliminate the considerable costs of printers, card readers, cards and consumables.

Preparing for a large event is not easy when you need to account for absentees and changes to the playing field, so we provide for each of our clubs a virtual scorecard that will allow you to enjoy the advantages this method of scoring brings with it.

At the end of the round the device will push the scores into the system using WiFi where the card can be printed (using an inexpensive printer) and verified if required.

How a digital scorecard works

Our scorecard has been designed to ensure entering a score is as straightforward and easy as possible. Unlike many other scorecard apps there is no confusing menu and option choices, we have kept the functionality to the bare minimum to ensure even your seniors can use it.


STEP 1 - enter the pin for your tee time


STEP 2 - for non competition play, you can choose the format

2-Booking information.png

STEP 3 - Submit the score

web app2 oct 2018.JPG

Enter the scores for each player at the end of each hole.

Player and marker sign the card

At the end of the game the scores will upload into the system using WiFi.

You can easily print off the scorecard to verify if required.

Scores will be displayed and can be viewed easily along with a live leaderboard.